10 Best Discord Bots of All Time

As a gamer, you would have used the App Discord, a few many times. You would know what the app does, well even if you have doubts, let me break it down for you. Discord is a Chatting App for gamers around the world, which has some fancy chatting features, and bots are one of those features. Using different Bots for performing different tasks, you can make the chatting app way better to use. That is what you can, making the best out of something. But, which bot to choose? Which Bot wants to give you which additional feature? To find out, you need to keep reading. Here, we have a collection of the  10 Best Discord Bots . Using these Discord Bots, you can easily enhance your Discord Server, along with your user experience there. 

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It is one of the most basic, yet most important discord bots. This is the one, which you should get, the moment you join Discord. It has many features which you would always find useful. If you use this bot, it will  give you control over its features using a dedicated dashboard, including moderation  with time mutes, bans, and mod logs as well. It therefore has a system to keep a check on the spam on your server.