Best Android Keyboard Apps 2018 - Swype Keyboard

Swype is a stunning keyboard app for Android that gets smarter the more you use it. It is similar in concept to the SwiftKey keyboard. Swype has been around for a very long time. It was initially developed in 2002, later, the keyboard app was acquired by the Nuance Communication in 2011. It continued its development from there.

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Swype uses error-correction algorithm and a language model to learn your unique vocabulary and predicts your words based on your previous usage. This keyboard app for Android is highly customizable, and it comes with a vast collection of themes and emoji. It has bilingual support and lets you enter words from two languages at once. Swype boasts of its speech recognition software, Dragon Dictation. It provides accurate and quick speech-to-text capabilities. There is a free version of this Android keyboard, but you will unlock many features if you go for the paid version.