Divinity: Original Sin 2-best co-op games

Divinity: Original Sin let you create a character and then suggested it might be fun if you took a friend along. They would make their own character and you’d have adventures together. It was fun, because you got to do all sorts of silly things together and even though the game was fine if you played on your own, everything is better with a friend. Divinity: Original Sin 2 wants you to consider the possibility of playing with multiple friends. It supports up to four players but rather than simply increasing the size of the party, it does something far smarter and more insidious.

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This time around, Divinity wants you to consider what might happen if your friends where no longer your friends. They’re colleagues, perhaps, and sometimes they’re rivals. And thus the competitive-cooperative RPG is born. You can take on quests with contradictory objectives, kill that one NPC your best mate really needs to talk to if she’s ever going to get closure on her character’s personal backstory, or poison all of the health potions and then share them with the party after the next battle. It’s a brilliant game however many people you play with, but it’s at its best when you’re playing with a group of your very best frenemies.