Fortnite timed trials locations

What you have to do here to Complete Time Trials in the Season 6, Week 3 Challenges is not only find stopwatches hidden around the Fortnite map, but build structures to collect the other stopwatches that appear when you use start the trial. This is one of the most difficult tasks to ever hit Fortnite since it requires considerable, and precise, set up – so it’s definitely one to try in 50v50 mode.

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You’ll need plenty of resources to attempt these time trials. We recommend starting the trial by activating the first stopwatch, and then building the course you need at your leisure. Once you’re happy with it, start the trial again and you can race through the checkpoints without having to worry about building. If you do it in Squads or Duos you’ll have all of your team’s resources to play with, and should be able to build your course much quicker.