Found Best free remote access software tools

All of the software gives you access to applications and shared files, so we looked for more advanced functions, such as the ability to work with a remote computer that has multiple monitors. The ability to look at multiple screens on your single screen can be useful when you're troubleshooting the computer. Many of the programs also allow you to access multiple remote desktops at once, which is called grouping, so you can set up demos or install updates to several computers without going to each individually. This feature is particularly helpful for IT when it is implementing changes to computers or updating software.

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While most of the software allows you to group computers one way or another, we found that some programs make it much easier to use this feature than others. For example, Splashtop Business and TeamViewer's clean dashboards house grouping tools where you can assign computers or users to specific groups and later perform large-scale updates or the same action on the computers.