The greatest ever RPGs on mobile

Yesterday, one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time debuted on mobile. Final Fantasy VI, Square Enix's legendary  Super Nintendo roleplaying game (RPG) landed on  Android smartphones, resurrecting the massive world with new animation and graphics, and controls that perfectly adapt to touchscreens instead of TVs. It's not the only classic RPG worth keeping in your pocket for long bus journeys. We take a look at the best mobile RPGs and Final Fantasy VI rivals you can download right now.There are an awesome lot of  Nintendo knock offs on the Google Play and iPhone App Stores, but this is by far the most flattering. Sacred Odyssey is an action RPG Very much in the same vein as the Nintendo 64 era Zelda classics, Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. Ancient, wise, talking trees? Captured princesses? Dungeons and horsies to make traveling across vast plains much less boring? Yep, this is Zelda alright, or the next best thing.

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Spectral Souls is by some measurements one of the biggest mobile games ever made - it was the first Android game to top 1GB in file size on the Play store - and if you’re looking for something to occupy you on your commute for months to come, this is it. The tactical RPG - a port of a Sony PSP classic - can take hundreds of hours to complete, and will tax your grey matter no end while you do (It’s basically chess on steroids with an epic storyline). It’s also one of a handful also available on Windows Phone, so if you’re rocking a Nokia smartphone be sure to check it out.